Google introduced in Australia — hand in your wallet

According to my bank statement Google Wallet is already in Australia.
Today Google took money from my Visa without receipt or any kind of notification. I have no idea what service Google charged me for, if any. I have no Google advertisements. Google Wallet is not available in Australia yet. The transaction says only: GOOGLECC@GOOGLE.COM SINGAPORE SG $45.15
Google caught few times charging for fake advertisements. I am not surprised it innovated itself to new heights. Now Google charge for nothing at all. Just grabbed money without asking. I am not sure how it called in other countries but this is theft in Australia.


I looked at the bank statement again. After clearing up it shows as Google*Adws[acc number] Singapore Sg. Obviously it is for AdWords. But which account? I need the e-mail address associated with AdWords account. Thanks myself I keep e-mail history locally and found it!

Hm. That is strange. The only reason I created this AdWords account is to collect $150 promotion and see how it works. I thought I’ll bet Google credit and if got any business then go ahead and spent real money. But no, Google charged me AFTER trial complain stopped with positive balance! And there is an explanation:

Automatic payments (when your balance reaches $100.00 or 30 days after your last automatic payment, whichever comes first).

So when I paid $102.18 with Google credit as $1.55 per click (!) the 47.82 credit left. A $100 gone so fast I had no chance to experiment with campaign, just stopped asap, there was not even one sale. But wait, Google charged me a month later (!) $45.15 to ‘top up’ the balance for a $100. What a sneaky reap off!! Of course, Google sent promotional e-mails such as ‘you might be missing out on potential customers: tips …’ but NEVER invoice or ongoing payment notification as all legitimate business do.

Further, I cannot see the next date when Google will charge me automatically, in case I continue AdWords campaign.